Daughter of the Desert

As I saw this amazing miniature from Kingdom Death, I immediatly remember about another Rackham character shortly mentionned in the Rag’Narok background book. She’s one of three immortals and she stands for the neutral way, fighting in order to preserve the balance between good and evil. The illustration in the book shows her with blind eyes and a big bird on her shoulder.

The idea of this diorama is to represent this neutrality in making unclear if the witch is responsible for the impaling of the knight laying on the stone or if she wishes to revenge him.

I used this diorama in order to experiment with free hands draws. I tried to go as far in details as possible with human eyes and a brush. Another thing I payed a special attention for was the direction of the wind. the diorama shows a scenery with a strong wind displayed by the hairs of the witch, the flag and the position of the landing eagle.

The witch is a Kingdom Death miniature

The knight is mainly self-sculpted with some parts of Games Workshop Greatsword

The eagle is a Rackham miniature



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