An End Beyond Compare

One of my most beloved characters in the world designed by Rackham is Rhéa De Brisis. She’s the most powerfull witch you can imagine and hostess of her goddess. She’s elegant and dangerous. A lady able to call an army of undead and deamons with a single thought. Rackham has made a miniature for this character as they began to produce pre-painted miniatures. I was extremely disapointed by this model because it was very far from the character described in the excellent background book from Rag’Narok. That’s why I decided to make my own Rhéa De Brisis.

I made this Diorama between 2013 and 2014. It took one and half year of irregular work, as far as my free time allowed. Most things on this diorama are self made, like the columns with the heads on it. These are made of approximately 300 self-sculpted head on each.

I hope you will like this work and maybe imagine your own story about who is the guy on the back of the ogre-servant, and what Rhéa will do with him after leaving her bath… 

The title of the diorama, the form of the banner and the way to write the title have been taken from the music video of the song Iridium from the band Dark Tranquility. I really love this song and I am quite sure that to be killed by Rhéa De Brisis would be an end beyond compare! 

The ogre is a modified Scibor miniature 

Rhéa herself is a heavy modified Animae miniature 

The pictures have been taken by Laura Brechtel Fotografie. Thanks to her!



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