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  • 2019 – Games Workshop Everchosen Challenge – Top 100 with Sanctus Belli
  • 2021 – Brush Beast Competition – Best of the show with Tribute to Mononoke
  • 2021 – Scale Model Challenge – Silver medal with Tribute to Mononoke
  • 2022 – World Model Expo – Bronze medal in the fantasy master category


Viktor was born in 1985 in the east of France, in a small village between hills and vineyards. He’s fascinated by Fantasy worlds since his childhood, as his mother read a tale of the book „one tale a day“ out every evening. He discovered Warhammer with 13 years old and begin to paint and play with some chaos miniatures. In 1999, the local Games Workshop made the mistake to put a Rackham Wolfen at the front of some chaos marauders in their shop window. Viktor began to collect Rackham miniatures without no Interest for the linked game. His Idea was only to build some sceneries taling tales in the fantastic world of Aarklash.

Viktor moved to Paris in 2003 for his study, and made a long break in painting miniature, but he continued to purchase some Rackham stuff. At this time, he concentrated on a photography project with the same target: making pictures of some living dioramas, making pictures telling stories. In this time, he learned to play with light and colors.

in 2008, Viktor moved to Karlsruhe in Germany. He stopped the photography project and started to paint miniatures again. He improved his skills in order to fullfill his projects with the best possible quality. Now he is living near to Frankfurt and he has always one or more miniature project to work on.

As a hobby painter without any interest in becoming a professional, Viktor is not under time pressure in order to make a project. He will not hesitate to destroy and make a piece of work new if the result does not matches with his idea. He makes a lot of sport in order to find the right balance between body and spirit, which allows him to focus completely on his project during painting or sculpting and avoid any tremble.

You can contact Viktor at following address: viktor@viktorvonm.com



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