Every gamer knows the problem: most miniatures transport solutions are based on square foam prints, in which each single minis are inserted. This drives to damages (angle or pikes break) and scrapes the paint on the angles of the mini in contact with the foam. This Tutorial will show you how to build a magnet based transport solution in order to completly avoid these Problems and garantee a sure transport of your minis. It takes less than 1 hour to build.

In the first step, you have to cut a wooden plate in the size you wish. I used half the size of my Feldherr foam square in order to preserve some stability when stacking the squares in the box.

After cutting the wooden plate, I used some metal scissors in order to cut the metal plate at the same size as the wooden plate. After that I used a Dremel in order to shape a hole in the middle of the plate. I used a grind head in order to avoid sharp metal edges.

Once the metal plate was ready, I drilled a 1mm hole in the wooden plate with my manual drill. The position of this hole is important for the support which will be attached later. Therefore, it should be placed at the very middle of the plate.

Then I cut a piece of wood which should become the support of the construction. On one hand, this support will be used to put the miniature in and out of the foam square. But on the other hand, this support will stabilize the upper foam square when stacking them in the box. That’s why it should have the same height as the foam square.

After that I screwed the support with the wooden plate. For more stability, I glued everything with wood glue.

This is the most important step. Make sure that the support will never release itself from the wooden plate. NEVER!

Then I painted everything with cheap acryl color and I sticked some felt feet on the rear side. This is not really necessary… I just prefer things when they are good looking and not waggling 🙂

Then I glued the metal plate to the wooden construction.

Each mini I use for gaming is magnetised. I use flat adhesive magnets for the plastic or resin minis and neodim magnets for metal minis or minis with a high gravity point. The minis should stick to the metal plate and not fall even when you’re moving the construction.

Ready to fight!