Step by Step

As I begun to work on “An end beyond compare”, I was really willing to work with a kind of method in order to spare time. I made a draw and selected the minis. Then I made the bath with some clay plates over an expanded polystyrene base.

I built two wooden moulds for the plates.

The chaotic part began as I tried to find a concept for the 6 collumns. In more or less 6 months, I tried 4 different concepts before I finally found something that would fit with the atmosphere of the diorama. In the meantime I began to draw the parts for which I needed the uninturrepted access to the floor of this bathroom like the free-hand or the marble in the bath.

Then I begun to sculpt heads. a lot of heads…

To go quicker I made a negative and only changed the expression of the faces. The other collumns have been made with the help of some skelettons from Games Workshop. To get a design with raised lines, I sculpted these lines in a negative and used humidified miliput for the final sculpt.

After that I begun to work on the main character. I completly modified an Animae mini. First I removed her “clothes”, an then I resculpted her torso, arm and face. This was quite a stupid thing. When a mini is modified in this range, you can even sculpt a new one. This would spare a lot of time!

Another chaotic part of the diorama was the blood-water effect. I nearly destroyed the complete diorama in mixing layers of 1k and 2k waters epoxy. Don’t try it, the texture is not the same! At the end, several thin layers of 2k water saved the day. After 1 and a half year of irregular work, I am quite happy with the results and I learned a lot!

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