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    How to transport
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    Every gamer knows the
problem: most miniatures
transport solutions are
based on square foam
prints, in which each
single minis are inserted.
This drives to damages
(angle or pikes break)
and scrapes the paint on
the angles of the mini in
contact with the foam
This Tutorial will...

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    To make a free hand
draw on a part of a mini
confrontates most
painters with the blank-
page syndrom. I try to
find a draw which
matches with the global
concept of the diorama
or which gives some
keys about where the
scenery is taking place
or who a certain...

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    As I begun to work on
"An end beyond
compare", I was really
willing to work with a
kind of method in order
to spare time. I made a
draw and selected the
minis. Then I made the
bath with some clay
plates over an expanded
polystyrene base. I
realised two wooden...

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