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    Bevor die Lichter
    Daughter of the
    An end beyond
    The end times are upon
us! Cities of mortal are
sieged by the the forces
of chaos. The resistance
of the empire fights its
last stand on battlefields
which already buried
thousands of its children.
My target with this
diorama was to capture
the atmosphere of the
end times books...

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    As I saw this amazing
miniature from Kingdom
Death, I immediatly
remember about another
Rackham character
shortly mentionned in
the Rag'Narok background
book. She's one of three
immortals and she stands
for the neutral way,
fighting in order to
preserve the balance...

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    One of my most beloved
characters in the world
designed by Rackham is
Rhéa De Brisis. She's the
most powerfull witch you
can imagine and hostess
of her goddess. She's
elegant and dangerous.
A lady able to call an
army of undead and
deamons with a single

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    I love orks              
    I made this small diorama
in 2012 because I really
like the concept of the
unbended hunter
embodied through Markus
Wulfhart. After days of
hunting he is now very
close to his victim. The
footprint next to the small
cascade is very fresh. He
sees the movements in
the trees far away...

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