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    Bevor die Lichter erlöschen    
    The end times are upon us! Cities of mortal are sieged by the the forces of chaos. The resistance of the empire fights its last stand on battlefields which already buried thousands of its children. My target with this diorama was to capture the atmosphere of the end times books from Games Workshop in a set-up for a small imperial troup.

I really love the concept of the steam tank, but I missed something in the miniature from Games Workshop. I had to be chunkier, heavier, with big wheels at the front looking as they could really crusch dozen of rat vermines. It had to look as if it would destroy any barrier, made of stone, steel or foes. This is the reason why I dashed at this conversion which took me more or less 8 months of work. It was my first conversion with plastic card. The whole diorama took around 15 months of irregular work.

Sadly, few details of the steam tank are not visible on the pictures. For example, there is an ape working on the pipe of the steam gun inside of the tank, just next to the officer. The steam gun itself has been replaced by those two "shower heads" at the front of the tank, themselves linked to the second boiler inside of the cabin. The cabin itself has been decorated with golden ornaments and imperial seals, but this was barely impossible to photograph these details.

The handgunners and a big part of the scenery set is made of Games Workshop miniatures.

The steam tank is a heavily converted Games Workshop miniature.
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